La Internacio/インターナショナル


CD曽我部清典「トキノコダマ2 (世紀の谺)」 (ALM RECORDS/2004) に収録


2001.1.19 熊本女性センター(世界初演)

2001.8.2 新居浜市文化センター

2001.8.7 駒場エミナース「全日本電子楽器教育研究会」

2001.10.26 Köln(Germany)Japanisches Kultur Institut

2001.10.28 Hamburg(Germany)Musikhochschule Hamburg Orchesterstudio

2001.10.30 Berlin(Germany) Unerhoerte Musik im BKA

2002.4.27 吉祥寺 WINDS CAFE

2002.5.6 大阪万福寺



La Internacio/インターナショナル








“La Internacio”

music by Pierre C. Degeyter

arranged by Formant Bros (Masahiro Miwa + Nobuyasu Sakonda)

Reminding 20th century, the communism movements come up to our mind as one of the most magnificent and huge experiments, in which people thought whole of the society or their life as a kind of “machine” and planned to repair it. We can easily find erotic emotions behind the naive attachments or ethos for the machine(in ohter words, structure, system or forms). Through its conventional melody and explicit words, “La Internacio” (The International) became a 20th century’s song which gave the erotic emotions to people all over the world, fascinated them, discriminated them with each other and hurt themselves . And now it is getting left far out of their memories.

“Formant Bros.”

Analyzing human voice, there are several resonant peaks of frequency in the spectrum. When you say “Ah”, the sound has its own characteristic of the peaks. By programming this on the computer we can artificially realize human-like voice. In this piece Formant Bros. transfers trumpet sounds into human-like voice and make it sing “La Internacio” in japanese by their original realtime synthesis system. Miwa and Sakonda, they have been working at the most advanced level in Japanese computer music scene. At the end of the last century, they started a collaboration unit “Formant Bros.” sharing their interests about voice. “La Internacio” is their first piece commissioned by the player.